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We know that language is a living organism and that’s why we work flexibly and are always prepared to adapt to your current needs. We specialise in comprehensive language services, ranging from translation and proofreading to language outsourcing or international expansion support.
Our project management team offers professional and friendly service with a thorough understanding of your project requirements. We work with respect to the deadlines and the clients’ budget.

I founded the company Dialect, s.r.o. in 2020 on the basis of my professional experience and the insights into the fields of not only business, though those are prevalent, but also into education and law. I love to travel and I had an opportunity to live and work in Hong Kong and England. Thanks to my love of travelling and the desire to experience life abroad, I came into contact with various cultures and customs as well as business strategies and thus gained inspiration for the realisation of new projects.
The main reasons for founding my own company were being able to guarantee professional services of the highest quality, to provide transparent business conditions and, above all, to offer a responsible and fair approach to clients.


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We always have your success in mind

At Dialect, we take care of the entire process of translation and localization. Thanks to that, we are able to offer the quality, speed and content to help you connect with your international partners and clients.

We want to support your international expansion to help you and your partners achieve success.

With us, you can expect an authentic, high-quality product finished on time and adapted to the end customer. We believe that a personal approach to every client is the key to mutual success.


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