Complex language services

From the initial consultation to a solution design

We specialize in language services, support of international cooperation and business including follow-up services.
You can be sure that we take pride in an individual approach throughout our cooperation.

Our pledge and values

Mutual understanding is a key to finding great solutions

It is important to us that everything meets the client’s requirements and ideas and also to have visible results and satisfied clients behind us.
That is why we use the latest technologies that save our clients time and money – e.g., CAT tools allowing the creation of translation memories you can utilise for future projects.
We also localise translations; meaning we adjust them to the language, local, and professional specifics of a given country or location.

We guarantee you high quality and accuracy – the translation is carried out by professional translators and each translation undergoes double proofreading (by an editor and a native speaker).


We translate documents as well as printed and graphical material of a general nature into many world languages and their national variants (Brazilian or Mozambican Portuguese, etc.) and also specialised texts and legal documents (court translations of legal and official documents according to law, medical reports, software applications, product documentation, manuals, etc.).


We take into consideration not only the linguistic translation of the text, but also the local specifics (cultural or other customs, currency, units of measurement, time zone...) and the subject terminology of the target country or locality.
Localisation adapts the product to the target market and prevents problems caused by inaccurate translation or unintended connotations while maintaining the content and message of the original text.

Language proofreading


Proofreading is a general term for the series of edits which a text undergoes before it reaches the reader. It eliminates not only typing errors, but also spelling mistakes and smooths the text into a readable form. Well-carried out proofreading will also detect and solve logical and factual errors.
Proofreading includes correcting the text to get complied with typographical rules and the requirements for formal arrangement of the document.

Our pledge and values

Quality of text is important

The aim of proofreading is clarity and legibility of the translated document. Proofreading is carried out by a native speaker and is suitable for correcting grammatical and stylistic errors. It is important especially because it prevents clients or readers from losing confidence in you before they even start to build it. In many cases, after several incorrect lines and a few (seemingly insignificant) typing errors, a decision is already made and the client doesn't even proceed to read the text all the way through, preferring to instead go elsewhere.

Proofreading by native speakers

Linguistic proofreading of texts is performed by a native speaker from the destination to which the document is directed, whether the texts are for a website, information and promotional materials, company magazines, etc.
A native speaker knows well not only minor local language differences (American, British, Australian English or Austrian, German German), but also regional cultural specifics.

Proofreading of professional texts

What should undergo careful proofreading in particular are texts intended for publication, such as texts for press releases, annual reports and manuals, medical reports, legal documents, etc.



Interpreter services are often used at international conferences, where speakers speak their mother tongue or approved working languages, and interpreters in interpreter booths interpret into other working languages so that each participant can choose to play in their headphones the language that suits them best.
However, it is also possible to interpret simultaneously without technical aids, by whispering in the client’s ear.

Our pledge and values

To understand each other

We provide professional interpreting services, whether it is for a business meeting, a conference, or a festival either in the Czech Republic or abroad:

Consecutive interpretation
Simultaneous interpretation
Over-the-phone interpretation
Court interpretation
Interpreting service and technology

Simultaneous vs. consecutive interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is used during meetings with a large number of participants, such as conferences, symposia or trainings, where the interpreter translates the spoken speech at the same time as it is produced and does not wait for any pauses in the speech. For this, they need interpreting equipment (interpreter booth, microphones and headphones).
Another type is consecutive interpreting, in which the interpreter maintains the content and form of the spoken word and works in the immediate vicinity of the speaker the whole time. They wait for short pauses in the talk and translate the speech into the desired language.

Over-the-phone and online interpreting

Do you need an interpreter for a short length of time or in a non-standard time? Use an over-the-phone or online interpreter. You will save both time and money because when using a long-distance interpreting service, you don’t have to pay for the travel and accommodation expenses for the interpreter or the technical personnel. You don’t need any expensive equipment, the only thing you need is a telephone. In the case of online interpreting, you need a computer or a tablet with a microphone and headphones, an internet connection and communication software. On top of that, you can easily share your documentation, make a recording and are time flexible.



Education is essential, especially in today’s time full of information and data. It’s great when you can understand what others are discussing. And that’s why we not only provide standard language courses but professional language courses as well (trading, medical, technical industry etc.)

The language courses are always tailored to the needs of a company or an individual, and so are the language materials.

Our pledge and values


The language courses are always tailored to the needs of a company or an individual. Our team of lecturers consists solely of professionals in their branch:

Non-standard language courses
Professional language courses (business English, medical, technical industry etc.)
Entrance and continuous language testing
Audit of company education
online support
Providing of international language exams
Creation of bespoke language materials

Individual education

We approach each client according to their individual needs. Our team of lecturers consists solely of professionals in their branch who will successfully guide you to your desired goal. Whether your motivation is to either finally understand and speak a foreign language or to pass an international language exam.

Corporate education

We will do an analysis of corporate education and discuss all the possibilities with you before making an offer. Besides classic language courses we offer specialised language courses (business, medical, technical and others). Providing international language exams and creating turnkey language materials is a sure thing.



Would you like to expand to other countries?
To be successful on the international market, you have to be unique in many areas. We will help you wherever there is a need for employment of native speakers, cultural understanding and local specialists.

Our vow and values.


Earn access to new clients in other countries. We will take you through the whole process necessary for expanding to new countries. We will analyse new markets and opportunities for you, regardless of whether you are interested in e-commerce or the B2B (Business to Business) segment. We provide local support and commercial representation in chosen destinations. Languages for potential online support or customer service etc. are also included.

International growth

Is the local market not big enough for you? If you want to keep growing, it is time to expand abroad! We will help you plan all your steps to make sure your expansion is successful. We analyse markets and opportunities (including in the B2B segment)

Language outsourcing

We specialise in comprehensive language services and support for international cooperation and trade, including follow-up services. We provide local support by creating individual packages that include translations of communication with clients, emails, interpretation or providing social media management in the given language including further communication with followers etc.

Other Services

Other Services

Our services guarantee professional quality focusing on the final product as well as on the process itself, availability, transparency and mutual communication. We guarantee effective management of the whole project on time and within the agreed scope.
We provide output quality as per the pre-agreed parameters incl. expert preparation and partial consultations.

We know that language is a living organism and we work flexibly and are always ready to adapt the solution to your actual needs.

Our promise and values.

Other services

We specialise in complex language services incl. support of foreign cooperation, trade and follow up service. We provide local support and sales representation in selected destinations through our foreign partners. We analyse suitable foreign markets and opportunities and also offer other solutions related to translations. In addition to DTP and graphic services, we offer the possibility of applying for grants opportunities in selected destinations and related consultations.

DTP and graphic solutions

The portfolio includes a wide range of services from graphic designs, electronic type setting to pre-print preparation and generation of output print data.
Graphic processing of documents not only according to a template
Typesetting, graphic designs, corrections and retouches
Preparation of documents for printing
Selection of suitable fonts and unification of appearance of the materials

Development and creation

We create all materials to measure in accordance with the specific client`s needs.
Only experts on the given topics take part in the creation.
Language and educational materials made to measure
Creation of language learning concept
Creation of video subtitles and dubbing
Creation and translation of user guides for products, assembly lines, machinery etc.
Providing printing and distribution


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