Proofreading of theses

Proofreading of not only master’s theses

We will help you with the proofreading of foreign language works

We will help you with the proofreading of your bachelor’s, master’s or dissertation thesis and not only in Czech.
Our native speakers will carefully read your work and polish the language to the smallest of details.

Proofreading of theses and dissertations

Focus on the content – we will help you with the form

Concentrating on the content of an academic paper could be at the expense of the stylistics and grammar. Not everyone is a university-educated linguist who knows even the subtlest nuances of a sentence structure - so we offer proofreading.
We work quickly and precisely. We also provide proofreading in foreign languages.

Czech proofreading

You have just finished writing your thesis or dissertation and you are proud of the content. Then you start reading the paper and find out that there are lots of mistakes.
… how many mistakes can the one grading the paper see?

Your paper will be correct both in terms of grammar and style thanks to our proofreaders - meaning that nothing can spoil the impression and disturb readers from concentrating on the content.
It does not matter that you finished your paper only at the last moment.
We also provide express proofreading within 24 hours.

Foreign language proofreading

Slovak is a foreign language too, and it is also possible to write dissertations and other academic papers in languages other than Czech. In these cases, it is a good idea to ask a native speaker to proofread the paper. The native speaker will correct it in terms of grammar and stylistics to make sure your thesis is perfect.
We can also arrange express delivery for foreign language proofreading.


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